Thank you for being a part of Sttrw.
Founded in March 2022, Sttrw is a gardening and home décor store that is excited to introduce you to our history! In 2022, in a small town in Arizona, a few like-minded artisans boarded the online shopping train, looking at all the exciting new things online and wondering if they should do something about it. And so Sttrw was born. Their wreaths, wind chimes and. decorations quickly became popular with the locals and Sttrw was passed on.
Our goal is also to promote our website and products to more and more people, to promote us to more areas, to run and promote the store and website for a long time and. to make the whole internet famous.
Today, Sttrw has its online store that still sells mainly wreaths, wind chimes and. decorative items designed to add a new dimension to your life People who are recognized and loved by as many people as possible.
Since our inception in March 2022, we have had 9,200 items, and 25,000 customers have purchased our products, so we are very grateful for the recognition and love from our customers. Thank you to all the people who love and support Sttrw!
Company Profile:
Qingdao New Favorite Network Technology Co.
Room 404, Building 39-3, No.396 Emeishan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China